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Wiring of the German Fan

Step by step wiring instructions for the German fan.  This procedure follows the
mounting of the fan.   Mount the fan first, then place the thermstat where it will be
sensing the hottest air, away from the fan and higher as shown here.
Before you mount the thermostat, and you have several vent locations to mount the fan,
Proper placement would mean opposite of where the coolest air is to draw in.  The
best is the North side.  Second best is the East side.  You don't want to use a South or
West vent as an intake vent as solar heated air can rise up the wall via convection and
be drawn into the vent.  Now you are bringing in hotter air than it is outside.  Install on a
West or South facing vent if possible.   This only applies to gable mounted fans, not roof


Mount the box with a hammer.  The nails are already in the box


Remove the plastic adjustment knob and plastic face plate and set aside
Remove the thermostat assembly with small phillips screwdriver (bring a straight just in case)
SLOWLY remove the thermostat because it's already wired to the fan

Let the thermostat hang and bring your romex cable in.  14gauge is recommended.
Put a "Z" into as shown as your strain relief.  If someone trips over your power line
this shape helps prevent it  from breaking the connection.

I know this looks really confusing but look at it closely...
..."there's six wires!  What if I burn the house down?"  Let's take this step by step.
The wire at the top of the box is the wire we install when we ship it to you.  The wire,
the box, the fan are all connected.  We have already connected (the two black wires
above) with the yellow wire nut.  Now, throught the process of elimination, you do
the obvious first: connect the two bare copper ground wires.  That's two out of six
done.  Now, with the wire nuts we have provided, connect the two white wires together.
That's four out of six connected.  There are only two left.  Connect them. 


This is how it should look when you are done. 
Ground (bare copper) to ground
White to White
Your black romex wire to the red thermostat wire. 
Congratulations!  Set the fan so it doesn't run all night.


Push the wires into the base of the blue junction box.  At this point you are going
to be installing the thermostat to the junction box.  The post you see is not in the
center of the face panel, it's towards the top.  While it will work upside down (and
I realize the attic is hot and cramped), putting it right side up is the right thing to do. 



Finished installation.  VERY IMPORTANT!!!  This installation is not complete.  There
should be no openings anywhere near the fan.  The negative pressure created behind
the fan will just draw the air in around it.  It's the path of least resistance. 





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