High h eating bills, lower energy costs, and heating bills are on everyone's mind right now.  Radiant barrier or insulation?   Multi-layered radiant barrier system. Conserve Energy, energy conservation, TCM, comfort, emissivity  

Thermal Control Membrane®

This graphic pretty much explains it in a visual concept and physics dictates the rest.  Heat no longer flows into your insulation.  Instead, it's reflected back towards the roof.  Cooling bills go down, comfort goes up.   In cold climates, TCM keeps the  heat in your home and virtually eliminates ice dams TCM is non toxic, easy to install and lasts forever.

         Click here to see animation of heat movement in your home during summer
         The opposite is true during the winter as the reflective surfaces keep heat in.
          A close up picture shows the multiple layers which allows TCM to last forever.

There are three types of heat transfer:
The insulation you have in your attic now only resists (R Factor) convective and conductive heat flow.  Think about this: given a choice of being able to resist the flow of heat into or out of your home, or change the direction of heat, which would you choose?   The same physics that gives a thermos bottle the ability to keep hot coffee hot and ice tea cold works in your attic by using TCM.  In layman's terms, TCM is a flexible Thermos bottle.   Here's an overview of basic thermodynamics:  TCM effectively changes the direction of heat, forever...back into your house during the winter and out during the summer.  TCM is unaffected by dust, moisture, gravity, time, mold or bugs. This product, once installed, will pay for itself many times over in savings and comfort.

Simply roll out TCM over your existing attic insulation.  No need for staples, tape or fastening.  Or staple it up on your new home or addition (not recommended for use under vinyl siding products).

TCM is available in two configurations: TCM4 and TCM6.  TCM4 is used on walls/crawlspaces/ducts/garage doors. 
TCM6 is used in attics.
Both TCM products are available in perforated and non perforated configurations.   What's the difference? Perforated TCM allows for moisture egress and non perforated creates a vapor barrier. 
If you are not sure which product to use, please contact us prior to ordering.

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Hold TCM in the palm of your hand and you can feel your body heat
being reflected back to you in seconds!


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