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Introducing THERMAL CONTROL MEMBRANE (TCM)  Building Insulation 

    * The ultimate home insulation product
    * Holds heat in during winter
    * Keeps heat out during the summer
    * Cuts Energy Costs
    * Easy to install
    * Increases Comfort
    * Lasts forever
    * Money back Guarantee

Thermal Control Membrane is a multi-layered, thin film material that is very effective at controlling heat flow.. This means infrared heat, the most basic type of heat, changes direction and goes back where it came from.   We then suggest our German attic fan to exhaust this rejected heat.
TCM is a proven approach at increasing comfort and reducing energy consumption.  Click here for a recent testimonial and installation pictures

A recent testimonial (more below):
Hope you are having a great summer!  I’ve been meaning to get over to you a couple or so of the most recent APS bills for you to take a look at.  The July one came today, and I am really excited!  They dropped our monthly payment (on the equalizer plan) from $316/mo to $283/mo.  After the July payment, we will have a CREDIT balance of $739.29.  Total charge for electricity was $238.90 for this July!!!  (July of '09 was the hottest on record) The charge for power in July of ’08 was a whopping $514.32.  How about that?  The Average daily cost of electricity in July, ‘08 was $16.59; for July, ’09 it was $7.96.  Pretty impressive!!  Our percentage of on-peak use last July was 40%; this month, it is only 7%.
Not only is my APS signficantly reduced, our a/c units that used to run non-stop just to get the house at 80 degrees are now off more than they are on and the entire house is more comfortable. 

I can fax the bill over if you want to give me your number so you can take a look. Take care – gotta get back to work.

Denise Kalt, Glendale AZ

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Application and  Design Support.
Where should our products be place for optimum performance?  Which product(s) to consider?  Rather than do it right the second time, email us a photo of your attic, your addition or new construction and our design team will assist you and insure you are on the right path using the right product. 

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Thermal Control Membrane installed in an attic with conventional framing.  Simply roll it out like a carpet over the existing attic insulation to reduce heat gain and heat loss.

TCM is available 26" wide for rolling out over existing insulation in attics between trusses, and 48" wide for wall, ducts, conventionally framed attics, steel buildings or anywhere you can imagine.

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Thermal Control Membrane
This is installed in an attic by
one of our online shoppers. 
"It was easy to install and the effects
were immediately noticed by my family.   All the rooms in the house are now the same temperature and the unit does not run nearly as often and stays off longer."

Shown here is our 26" wide product
that overlaps when installed between
trusses set 24" apart.  Keeps heat out
during the summer, in during the winter.
Our installers have developed simple,
inexpensive tools to help you install this
quickly and easily.

TCM is the ultimate wall insulation If your new home or addition does not look like this before the exterior is applied, you will be paying too much for your comfort. 
The TCM product shown here wrapping the walls and roof of this new home allowed for a 50% reduction in the sizing of the heat pumps (7 tons instead of 14)

For cold climates TCM-6 should be
installed just behind the sheet rock as
a vapor barrier and an effective heat
barrier.  Peforated TCM now available for attics. 
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TCM Testimonial from Texas  Click here

TCM installed on the inside walls and ceiling of a steel building or garage will forever change how it feels inside.
This is the ultimate insulation product for this type of construction.
Simply adhere, staple or nail TCM to the desired surface!  It's that easy.

is TCM user is air conditioning a steel building in Phoenix!  No insulation of any kind is used in this building, only TCM.
Insulation can only resists heat flow, TCM changes the direction of heat. What would you rather do in your home, building or addition?

Free samples Click here
TCM-6 is our latest patented product and can be shipped to your door UPS ground for 79 cents per square foot.  Custom configurations available for any application you may have: under metal roofing, packaging, vehicles, house wrap...the applications are only limited by your imagination.Secure online ordering here  

TCM is available in 26" wide (for rolling out between attic trusses) and 48" wide configurations. We now also have a reinforced TCM for use in sheds, crawlspaces and commercial buildings. 

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January 21, 2008
To: Horizon Energy Systems, Inc.

Mr. Lindsay,
I had to write you to say that as somewhat of a skeptic, I have been more than "amazed" at the immediate impact of the installation of your products in my home two days ago.  I'll have to give credit where credit is due, you told me what to expect and you were 100% correct. 
The difference was immediate, your installation team finished up in the late afternoon and within an hour I was able to lower my thermostat by 3 degrees and felt warmer everywhere in my home all night long.  The energy savings will prove more than worth the investment I am making, and I look forward to see just how quickly my ROI will develop.Thanks so much for your amazing new technology and speedy implementation in my home.  I look forward to being a reference for your company whenever and wherever your requirements dictate.

Thanks again & Best Regards,

Stephen Knudsen
Scottsdale, AZ
Same customer, one year later:
10/4/08 Reply Brad,
Well, I finally received my highest APS bill for the year in August 2008.  September actually dropped from August and same month LAST year was $658.00,  THIS year.....$330.!!!!!!  Absolutely amazing!  You told me that I could expect to be even MORE comfortable in my home, saving energy and money at the same time, but this is over-the-top!  I could not be happier, only wish I'd found out about you a couple of years earlier.  Hope all is well on your end, please feel free to use my endorsement anytime, anywhere.  Homeowners and Businesses alike NEED to know about this technology!  Get Cracking!
Best Regards,
Steve Knudsen
Scottsdale, AZ

"Our new
Sante Fe home originally was designed to have 14 tons of cooling per the specifications of the architect.  Two 5 ton units on each wing and a 4 ton unit to serve the great room (with 14' high ceilings) and the kitchen.
Brad Lindsay of Horizon Energy Systems encouraged us at a recent home show to have a plan review done on the plans of our new home.  Knowing a home of this size could have large energy bills to keep it cool we decided to have this service done.
When we received the modified plan back we were surprised to see the 14 tons of cooling reduced to 7!  2 ton units were to replace the five ton units and a 3 ton mini split, to reduce the conventional 4 ton unit in the center of the home.  This reduction was made possible by wrapping the entire home in Horizon's TCM6 product which impressed us from the day it was installed.  During the nights, even before the windows were installed, it was noticeably more comfortable inside than a wooden building we use on the property for storing construction materials.  However, the real proof was when the 90+ degree weather hit and the electricity had not yet been connected.  With the windows and doors installed the inside temperature remained between 78 and 80 degrees all day!  The shed outside was unbearable to be in and felt like a convective oven!  This product is just amazing and we are very impressed not only with the product but the extensive knowledge of Brad Lindsay and Horizon Energy Systems. 
The attic venting was redesigned to keep the hot air out, and look forward to reduced energy bills and a much more comfortable home.  Our only regret is building with frame this time around and not employing the
OPERA house that Brad designed. 
I highly recommend the professional services and unique products of Horizon Energy Systems.
J. Tatum/J. Escobedo  Phoenix Arizona

"I'm very pleased with both the radiant chips I put in my main attic, and the TCM foil I put in the attic of a wing of my house.  The furnace is not working as hard now, and comfort level is way up.
Today I referred a neighbor  who lives two doors from me, to your firm.  I believe he will soon be ordering your products for his home good products."
J. Norton,
Delaware   11/4/05 

Our home was hard to cool, the heat pump ran continuously during triple digit days and the house was always uncomfortable.  While shopping for a new heat pump, every contractor we talked to suggested increasing the capacity from a 3 ton to a 3.5 ton. That was until we got a quote from Horizon Energy Systems.  They suggested going to a smaller unit (2.5 ton), and installing Thermal Control Membrane in the attic with a German fan exhauster.  This energy package was a bit more expensive than our highest bid but it made sense. 

We had this work done and our home is now more comfortable (winter and summer), the unit stays off longer than it runs and our APS bill has dropped by 50% from last year as shown on our bill!  One reason is being able to take advantage of the off peak power as suggested by Horizon Energy Systems.  If you are considering a new system this is the way to go.   Obvious is the performance of the TCM6 as we now have a smaller unit and the house is much more comfortable.
We are really happy with the professional installation, follow up and support.  On a ending note, I had installed a new thermostat which has a timer on it.  I wired it wrong and when it came time to use the heat only the fan would run. 
With a measured outside temperature in the morning last week of 34F the house stayed at 68F USING NO HEAT for days on end.  The Thermal Control Membrane in the attic is just an amazing product!  We called Horizon to fix the thermostat and even though is was not related to the heat pump installation they re-wired at no charge!  Thank you!

Evan M.  Phoenix, AZ 10/06


"What about dust?"  Good question.  Only the reflective attic insulation products from Horizon Energy Systems has multiple layers with air spaces in between each layer.  This is where the performance comes from and why our products are more expensive than other reflective insulation products.  This is also why our products do not degrade in performance over time because of dust accumulation.  More information on how dust affects reflective insulation click here.

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