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German Attic Fan Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say:



           The fan I purchased from you has been working flawlessly as you would expect a commercial grade product to work. The fan has lowered inside temp of my house by about 10 degrees from what it used to be at night. Biggest advantage is the low noise level you have to go outside to notice it is running and then you have to know what you are listening for. Very happy with this purchase and have passed your site on to my sister and several friends.

           M. Ellison

PS Go ahead and send me some samples of your chips. I live in Sacramento area of California

I replaced the original fan which was installed when the house was built (1982) with one just like it.  That was about 4 years ago.  It performed just like the original, very loud and shook the whole end of the house it was installed on.  The best thing about it was that it only lasted 4 years.  I like the new German fan you sent very much; it actually shuts off during the day!  The old one came on around noon & stayed on until about 8:00 PM.  This told me it never cooled the attic down to the shut off temp.

The price was steep, but is was worth it.

Thank you, B. Broerman

The fan works good.  It is louder than the solar unit that it replaced, but much stronger and more effective.

G. W. Hunt

 Ms. Carrillo,
Thank you for asking. Fan has been installed and we are already enjoying it.
Yes, it is powerful...just with a look you can see the difference vs a Lowe's fan.....I know I returned one after I decided to purchase yours.
Also, it is quieter than the old fan and from what I can tell and feel....there is a reduction of about 5 degrees cooler in the upper floor

This fan was exactly what I have been looking for. I went to the Home Depot and Lowes they do not have a quality fan like The German Attic Fan. Very quiet compared to the old Home Depot Fan.

M. Sternfeld

Hi Brad,
Regarding the fan:
It's so quiet that I don't even know it's there.  I used to have a fan from Home Depot that was quiet too.  It turned out it wasn't working...someone had installed it on a rheostat instead of a thermostat and the control had burned out years ago.
The gentleman I hired to replace the old fan with this new one had never seen anything like it.  He was extremely impressed by its quality: its balance, silence, the way it was housed in an easy-to-mount box, and the good thermostat with a long enough cord to reach and install right next to my attic access.
In all the years he's been doing work on homes--and he's quite an intelligent guy--he had never thought about blocking off the rest of the fan's vent so that the fan would cross-ventilate from the opposite side of the house and cool the whole attic.  So, using the same idea, he also blocked off another vent near the new fan. Now my whole attic will be cooled instead of just over the back bedroom.
Brad, thanks for doing the thinking on that cross-ventilation and explaining it on your website.
You're generous with you're good ideas and the effect is going further than your hometown.
All the best to you.


I have several comments.  The German fan is far quieter and better built than the one from Lowe's which costs 3 or 4 times less.  I actually bought and installed one of each.  My house is a split-level with two completely separate attics, so I put the inexpensive noisy fan in the end of the lower attic over the carport, where no one is going to mind the noise.  The quiet fan is in the upper attic over the bedrooms and I simply can't hear it. 

Your instructions were very helpful.  I made sure that I had sufficient area of venting before installing the fans, and I did a very good job of preventing air return around the fans, so I suspect the fans are operating  very efficiently.  My most recent electricity bill was slightly lower than average, but that doesn't tell us much, because the weather was unusually hot.   



We love our new attic fans!  They are quiet and efficient. I hope they outlast the cheapies we've purchaced in the past.
Adrienne V.

As you can see by the testimonials, those who purchased the German fan are impressed with the quality, performance and efficiency of this unit.  We use this fan on every home we install our reflective insulation products on and rely on the performance to accomplish our goals of more comfortable and energy efficient homes.

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