Ductless mini splits are the most efficient way to cool or heat your home.
Mini split, garage, Arizona room, Home Depot, Arizona Public Service,
Walmart and Costco sell mini splits.  Phoenix mini splits work well. 
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 What is a ductless Mini Split? 
 Click here for our frequently asked questions page.   We are certified and factory trained Samsung Wind Free
ductless systems which means you get a 12 year compressor and parts warranty.


The new Samsung "Wind Free" air delivery system is the most comfortable system in the world.  
This system has feature no other ductless manufacturer has like "Freeze Wash".

This is a 1 ton Daikin Ceiling Cassette in a master bedroom, one of five in this home which completely replaced the duct system.
11 tons of cooler were removed and 6.5 tons of Daikin multi-split systems where installed. 
The June APS electric bill went down from $510 to $173.  
This is one of two Daikin Slim Ducted systems.  The tiny air handler delivers 12,000btu's of cooling. 
The return duct (on the left) is only 10" long and the supply duct (on the right) is only 6" long. 
This was installed over a pantry and cools the entire kitchen area as a separate zone.
LG 2 ton with Inverter technology.  The compressor is variable speed and only draws the power that is demanded
by the sensors on the indoor coil.  Nice unit, easy to work with, quality components throughout, on the higher end
as far as price is concerned.
This is a 1 ton heat pump.  This is cooling half of a 5 bedroom ranch since we installed our patented Thermal Control Membrane in his attic installed in the attic and a German Attic fan to remove the solar heat.  
Mini splits are very quiet and powerful. The indoor fan projects air 30' and keeps the house comfortable during expensive on peak hours.   
Proven savings:
The mini splits were installed the 3rd week in May.  If you are air conditioning your entire house while you sleep
for eight hours to cool one room imagine what running 700 watts for those eight hours vs 8500 watts for your
4 ton heat pump all night will do to your energy bill. 
Zoning is one of the biggest benefits of using mini split technology.  
There are no filters to change, simply slide out the built in air filters, rinse them off and re-install. 
Ductless systems are virtually maintenance free.
Commercial Installations

Major reductions in consumption and demand charges have been seen switching existing rootop systems to
ductless or augmenting existing systems for additional comfort or lower energy bills
These two 5 ton split system condensing units and the 5 ton package heat pump (15 tons of cooling) were
replaced with less than 5 tons of Mitsubishi ductless inverter systems. 
"Way more comfortable in here!"   "I can't believe I can't hear it running!"  The first two comments we heard.
This is a 1 ton Mitsubishi ceiling cassette being installed.  Two of these are replacing six ceiling registers fed by ducts from a roof mounted
five ton package system.  Less than half the cooling capacity and more comfort.  This clearly shows the waste that's happening with a
roof mounted ducted system with ducts inside of a hot attic.  Ductless systems have no ducts so there are no duct losses. 
This entire office area job was completed in one day. 
This is a 1 ton Mitsubishi ceiling cassette with the trim ring installed.  Noiseless operation.  This is a conference room. 
This is a 3 ton Mitsubishi condensing unit on the right and a 20,000 btu condensing unit on the left. 
Both of these systems are replacing 15 tons of conventional ducted systems. 
The load was reduced so much that it was decided to solar power the units with two inverters and an array up on the roof. 

This 35 panel array and two small inverters are running the two Mitsubishi heat pumps 100% during the hottest part of the day.  

If you would like a quote on converting or augmenting your inefficient ducted system you could be looking at a 40% to 70% reduction in your cooling bills. 
Perfect for


We can install our patented TCM film over your garage and install a 1 ton ductless mini split heat pump and you can take
your garage or Arizona room back from the summer! 
"My garage/workshop is now more comfortable than my house!  I used to dread thinking about going out into the garage and doing anything out there.  Before this, I could only go in there early morning or hours after the sun went
down.  Any other time was brutal.  And my refrigerator in there ran constantly.  The venting system the mini split,
the TCM barrier, it's really amazing the difference and with the garage wall being cooler the rooms on the other side are noticibly more comfortable.  If you want to take your work space back from the summer, this is the solution.
Best investment I've made for my business!"

Chris, Slickboy Industries
Surprise, AZ

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