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    First, a small note on heat energy.  Keep this in mind when deciding which product to install on your home:  Heat energy can either be absorbed or reflected.   Once absorbed it changes from infra red heat to energy wasting convective or conductive heat.  This is what happens when using a shade screen or interior window treatment such as wood shutters.

   A reflective film changes the direction of the incoming infrared heat and therefore does not absorb it.  The results are cooler rooms, a better view and NO maintenance.
Many homeowners install shade screens as a way of reducing energy costs and sun damage.  Through research using an infrared camera it has come to light that a window with a shade screen is actually hotter than a window without one.  How can this be?

   Although a shade screen is very effective at blocking the sun, it's also very effective at absorbing the  heat from the sun.  Since most screens are manufactured with close tolerances to fit the window and installed tight up against the window frame, this creates a solar oven making the air between the screen and the window hotter than the air outside.   If you have shade screens, don't throw them away yet, simply put spacers between the mounting screws creating a 1/2" space so air is not trapped between the screen and the glass.
   Window films having a reflective surface, bounce  this heat away thereby effectively lowering the temperature of the glass and the room.   No fading, lower energy costs, more comfort.


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