Arizona Public Service Company offers a very low off peak rate but with a demand charge.  A load controller is the solution.  A load controller on an APS residential demand rate is an investment that pays for itself quickly and continues to do so for decades.  APS (Arizona Public Service Company) is one of  two large serving the Phoenix area. A new rate plan called savers choice max is our pick for getting the lowest bills by shifting demand.  Demand shifting is simply using the most power during off peak times.  Load controller on


SRP Residential Rates



 Use less energy from 3 to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Get lower prices all other hours.  More>>>



 Shift energy use seven to eight weekday hours and get lower prices all other hours. More>>>



   Energy is priced the same no matter when you use it.  More>>>



 Prepay for electricity and monitor energy use with an in-home display unit. More>>>


Electric Vehicle

 Take advantage of low overnight prices for electric vehicle charging. More>>>


Customer Generation

For those who generate a portion of their own power, including by roofstop solar. More>>>



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