Thermal Control Membrane Testimonial

While Steve Upton was serving in Iraq he was on the web looking for ideas on how to conserve energy and make his Texas home more comfortable. He found our web site and understanding the physics of how our products worked he emailed home to have his wife Jennifer order the product and have it ready for him to install when he returned during a ten day leave over the holidays. Below is their experience:

Steve pre-cutting the TCM into usable lengths


Steve installing TCM over the existing attic insulation. TCM has multiple layers so it's not affected by dust like single ply radiant barrier products. This is why we are able to offer a lifetime performance warranty. Putting TCM in is simple. Shown here is TCM 26" wide. The width makes it easy to install, allowing for good coverage between trusses set at 24" on center. TCM is also available in 48" wide widths for conventionally framed attics.


Finished job. Installing TCM is simple! TCM keeps heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Note the soffet baffles which are installed to allow air to move up from eaves which are typically blocked with attic insulation.

Steve also installed one of our German attic fans to exhaust the millions of BTU's reflected by the TCM in the attic during the summer months. The combination of TCM and a fan like this has proven to be the most efficient combination for increasing the efficiency and comfort of any home. More comfort and lower bills or your money back.

What Steve and Jennifer Upton have to say about TCM:


"I found Thermal Control Membrane online while overseas. The concept and physics made sense to me so I contacted my wife to order enough to cover my attic and hoped to install it while returning on a ten day leave over the holidays."


I contacted Horizon Energy and was given prompt, accurate responses to our questions and found the ordering, buying and shipping trouble free. Brad was very helpful by offering suggestions in the installation including pictures and suggestions. The product came in time for Steve to install it and we are looking forward to a more comfortable, energy efficient home.

Steve and I would be more than happy to provide testimonials for you in regards to the TCM. And we don’t mind if you use the pictures, names and testimonials from us on your website. We look forward to many years of savings on our energy bills as a result of our efforts. Have you considered implementing a referral program? The reason I ask is because I have several friends who are waiting in anticipation to see how our results are with the TCM in consideration of doing the install on their own homes as well. As you know, word of mouth advertising is the best there is.

The only modification I would make to the drafts on the testimonials would be to the one by Steve in regards to leaving the house half way through the installation. We had turned off the heat during the installation of the TCM because our attic was quite warm (not good) while we were up there the first day. We left the heat off for several hours and went out to dinner and when we returned the thermostat upstairs had only dropped one degree from what it was earlier in the day. (68 to 67). The outside temps were 38-42 at the time. We also noticed that on day 2 the attic was noticeably cooler, likely due to the TCM keeping the heat in the living areas vs. in the attic.

Yes we are looking forward to seeing a big difference in our energy costs in the upcoming summer months. We are confident that the attic fan, larger vent, and the TCM will be an investment that we’re happy with for many years to come.

We’ll be in touch and thanks again for all your help.


Steve and Jennifer Upton