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Saving BIG with Time of Use Rates

(This page is for customers using electricity in Phoenix and suburbs only)

Both Arizona Public Service Company and Salt River Project offer what is called time of use rates  (TOU), for residential customers. Whether you are planning a new home or just wish to cut your electric bill, this is the way to do it.

TOU rates allow you to reduce your electric bill by offering less expensive electricity during low usage or "off peak" hours. During this time, the power is less than half of what you are paying now. The more you use off peak, the more you save.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this mean I have to do my laundry at night?
Off peak hours vary with each utility company (see table below for times). You have all day Saturday and Sunday which is off peak and up until 1pm for SRP customers.   If you have APS as your provider, you have until 9am to do laundry or after 9pm on weekdays. Here's a tip: Put your clothes in the washer at 8:30pm. Washing machines run on 110 volts which is a minimal energy consumer. Since you should have a water heater timer only allowing it to run off peak, hot water is no problem. The clothes will be done by 9pm at which time you can put them in the dryer, reload the washer, start up both machines and let them run off peak.

How will I save if my A/C runs during the day?
By sub cooling your home (setting temp at 72-74 degrees or as cold as you can stand it), at night during less expensive off peak times, you can shift most of your air conditioning needs to off peak periods.

What about the lights? Television? Computers?
Just use your lights as usual although you may wish to view the selection of compact flourescent light bulbs at Home Depot.   Or consider a Tubular skylight. Still, the biggest users of energy in your home are the Heat Pump(AC), Water Heater and Clothes Dryer.

Second energy tip: Rather than run the dishwasher when the dishes are dirty, wait until 9pm and let it run at night. Dishwashers have a heating element which uses a fair amount of electricity. Just get in the habit of using more energy off peak and you will see a significant reduction in your electric bill.

Can anyone get these rates?
Yes, both SRP and APS have them available and they are free.  For SRP Time of Use, specify the "Two Period Plan".  Ask either for a rate card and last years annual consumption history, both are free.

I don't understand all the benefits, how can I have someone come out to my home?
Contact one of our energy auditors at 602- 789-1699 for an in home NRG Audittm

If you are planning to build a new home, find out how you can build energy efficiency into your new home using our OPERA House (On Peak Energy Reduction Architecture) plan.  Our first OPERA house costs less than $240 PER YEAR to heat and cool.  OPERA House II uses 92% off peak power, has never had the heat pump run one minute during expensive on peak times and is very comfortable.  The highest cooling bill to date was $45 and it takes between $2 and $3 dollars per month to keep it comfortable during winter.

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