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Winter Special:  Free NRG Audit and consultation (Metro Phoenix area) Call 602 867 3176

       Everyone desires a more comfortable home but at what cost?  Now that net metering has been suspended (the utilty no longer pays you for the excess solar energy generated by a solar system) it's even more of a challenge (ROI) after spending $40,000 on a solar system and being saddled with a payment for 20 years.
      This Goodyear couple spent $32,000 on on energy upgrades including a brand new, high SEER heat pump, new windows, new doors, additional attic insulation, an extra return duct (after the house started getting hotter after more attic insulation was installed), a new thermostat and a solar powered attic fan.
$32,000 and two things happened:
      1) Their summer bills went up
      2) Their house got hotter
Here's a news story on them. 

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Winter Special!  Free NRG Audit and consultation (Metro Phoenix area, offer expires Feb 28th) Call 602 867 3176  

NRG Audit Focus:

    Your home will be inspected by a BPI home energy auditor.   This insures every aspect of the current wastes in your home can be quickly identified and a plan outlined to address them.  An NRG Audit® typically takes an 60 minutes for diagnosis (per 1500 square feet),  and thirty minutes for the presentation followed by question and answer. 

For homes being planned we can help you design energy efficiency into your new home which will increase the interior comfort level and reduce energy costs. Plan reviews from the slab up offer important steps to insure comfort and energy saving ideas and products are built into your new home.  click here  


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