Arizona public service is changing the residential rates.  Let us show you how to maximize your energy use and lower your APS bill!   Savers Choice Max demand rate is the best!  Pensar, load controller, load controller Phoenix.  The new APS rate "Savers Choice Max" can lower your bill if you use our technology.


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                                                                                     PROPRIETARY PATENTED SUSTAINABLE BUILDING PRODUCTS




APS Solar PV Customers:
If you have a Photovotaic Solar Array on your home and have Arizona Public Service as your energy provider, you can maximize your solar generation the 
implentation of our patented products and proven means and methods.

Solar is a viable renewable source and one that can be a challenge to maximize if you don't have a battery to store the energy you've generated. 
Our patented products, means and methods allows you to effectively store a different kind of energy, heat energy.  

During the max generation times of solar PV (10am to 3pm on a South facing array), you can run your HVAC system cooler than your typical comfort setting
and "store" this energy inside your home.  This maximizes the use of your solar so you can benefit more from it. 

Using our system, we have helped hundreds of solar and non solar customers increase comfort (especially in two story homes), lower consumption and maximize the use of their solar system.

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