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Solar Hot Water Systems

We are a certified solar contractor and have been designing, installing and servicing solar systems since 1978.  Trust us with your solar needs.  We have Arizona certified, Registar of Contractor approved, APS and SRP certified installing contractors we trust with our installations.  Be wary of companies  that have recently jumped on the solar band wagon with little experience. 

What to look for in your solar hot water heater

What to avoid in a solar hot water system

  • Unsightly, inefficient exposed plumbing on the roof
  • Plastic components.  (would you trust plastic on your roof in the sun?)
  • Unglazed plastic solar panels are not insulated and have high heat losses

Radco Drainback system shown below

List identifying parts in the diagram

  • 1. Pressure relief valve for drainback reservoir loop
  • 2. 10 k sensor
  • 3. Solar panel (typically a 4'x10' panel and an 80 gallon storage tank 
  • 4. Mixing valve so children don't get scaulding hot water in the summer 
  • 5. Pentair In-Line temperature gauge
  • 6. Temperature/Pressure valve 
  • 7. Taco 006-B4 circulator is pumping water from the bottom of the solar storage tank through the heat-exchanger into the top of the solar storage tank.
  • 8. Flow meter shows system is in operation 
  • 9. Goldline GL-30 differential solar controller
  • 10. 4500 watt electric heating element for extended cloudy days (only heats 40 gallons)
  • 11. 80 gallon Solar Storage tank replaces existing tank
  • 12. internal heat exchanger inside the Radco DBHX drainback tank, surrounded by solar-heated water coming from the solar panel.
  • 13. Taco 009-BF5 pushing reservoir water up to the solar panel
  • 14. 8 gallon water reservoir
  • 15. 10K sensor

The system is expandable to generate significant savings for up to 8 to 10 adults by adding more solar panels and more water storage capacity. Contact us for information about how to expand the system.

Call (602) 867-3176 to schedule a no cost inspection and bid.  Act now!  Federal, State and utility credits now available.


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