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    Arizona Public Service Company customers will need their load controllers updated to match the new on peak times of 3pm-8pm Mon-Fri and all holidays. 
    We install a digitial programmable timer which will match the new rates and at the same time keep the water heater off during on peak hours.  This alone saves
$90/month on demand charges. 

       This is a two circuit, 7 day programmable timer with a 3 month battery backup built into it. This upgrade allows your existing load controller to be only operational during the new onpeak times (3pm - 8pm Mon-Fri) and also prevents the 5kW water heater from runningduring on peak times. 
       It has a simple override feature that can be activated to get hot water if you need it during 
on peak hours. 
        We have several proven methods (timers we installed when the on peak times changed in 1992 are
still running today), that interface with any brand of load controller. 


Basic timer to control only the load controller: $185 

Two Stage timer which controls both the load controller and the electric hot water heater $430 (shown above). 
The two stage timer will control the run times on your current load controller and also prevent the water
heater from running during on peak hours. This timer has a 3 year warranty. In less than one year your demand reductions will pay for the cost of this timer. Invest today in future energy savings!

Call 602 867 3176 to have one installed before the APS rate changes on May 1st 2018.  

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