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Installing RBS Chips Yourself 

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Save 25% to 50% on your heating and cooling bills and increase the comfort of your home.  Hard to believe?  Order a sample and feel the performance in your hand.  You can feel your body heat being reflected back to you within seconds.  
RBS Chips have been proven to be the most effective attic insulation in the world.  Now,
for a limited time, there is an opportunity to purchase RBS Chips direct from the manufacturer and install them yourself. 

Getting Ready: 
Now would be a good time to wrap your ducts with our RBS Wrap product.

Some basic facts:

Blower, hose, light, masks, cords and instructions
are shipped to you in one box
RBS Chips shipped 
separately in 20lbs boxes 

If this is what your attic looks like now, more
insulation needs to be added to make it level.

Same attic after adding more cellulose.  This is what you want
to see when finished with adding blown cellulose.   RBS Chips perform best when
installed over fairly level surface.  Home Depot will let you
use the cellulose installation machine for free if you buy at least nine
bags of cellulose.  You will need 5 bags per 1000 square feet.

RBS Chips being blown in over attic insulation.   Millions of highly reflective surfaces change the direction of heat.  No dust, quick and easy.  You will be able to feel the difference the same day. More comfort is immediate and RBS chips last forever.  
No settling, unaffected by dust, never add more insulation again....ever.

Finished attic after RBS installation should look like this.  A blown-in, flexible Thermos
bottle is basically what this product represents.  Keeps heat out in summer, in during winter.


If you have blown fiberglass in your attic now

This is blown in fiberglass, not level enough for good performance of RBS Chips.  If this is your attic you will need to add a layer (about 2"), of blown cellulose over the top of this.  Home Depot has cellulose and a blower that can be used for free if you purchase at least 8 bags.   Typical cost per bag is around $9.

Preparing the attic for RBS Chips.  Instead of blowing in cellulose, it's possible to pat down the blown fiberglass with a kitchen broom or a yard rake as an option to adding more cellulose.  Time consuming but effective.  Don't worry about losing performance by compacting the existing insulation as the RBS Chips on top of this will more than make up any slight loss in convective or conductive heat transfer.  We have installed RBS without any insulation with great results over garages and commercial applications.

If you have batted fiberglass in your attic now

Uneven fiberglass batts in attic over wiring, plumbing, framing members.  This is is not
level enough for proper performance of RBS Chips.  To fully take advantage of
RBS Chips, there should be as little attic insulation showing as possible.

After adding cellulose over the fiberglass batt insulation.  Now you can see
how much better the chips will perform over a more level surface.

Chips installed over the blown in cellulose.  These
photos were taken by one of our do-it-yourself customers.

If you have blown-in cellulose in your attic now

If you already have blown-in cellulose in your attic now, this what it should look like.
No exposed rafters and a level top surface.   Simply blow RBS Chips on top of this.
(notice soffit vent that was added)  Venting is part of adding any radiant barrier to
an attic.  The rejected heat has to go somewhere and out the vents is best.

Blown cellulose insulation is completely covered by RBS Chips.
With rising natural gas and heating oil prices, this is the time to be prepare your
for the cold weather.  RBS Chips work equally well in hot or cold climates!  Helps
prevent ice dams and allows for moisture egress so no mold/mildew problems like
rolled out or sheet RBS products. 

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"Our old (75 Year Old, remember I sent you pictures of the new standing seam roof) house feels so different.  There is an even feeling between each room now that there was not before.  I can't wait till we get a really hot day just to see how this new insulation is working, yet I can already tell that the morning chill that was so obvious is not there."

Thanks so much.  Angie C. Ventura California


Q  What if I have to go into the attic for repairs after the chips are installed?
A  Just move the chips and insulation aside where you need to work and move them back when you are done.  You should have some RBS Chips left over from the installation.  Use them if needed to add more by hand at a later date.

Q  Will more chips need to be added to maintain performance?
A  No, the patent on RBS Chips has to do with the dust issue and will continue to perform regardless of how much dust has accumulated on the top surfaces.  This is why ONLY RBS Chips carry a transferable, lifetime performance warranty.  To see our warranty click here.  This is the last thing you will ever need to do to your attic insulation. 

Q  Will dust or gravity affect the RBS Chips over time?
A   No, the RBS Chips are NOT affected by dust like single layered RBS laid down flat in your attic.  Further, the settling problem which degrades conventional insulation over time does not affect the performance of RBS Chips.

Are the RBS Chips toxic?
No. RBS Chips are non toxic and have a class III fire rating

Q Will RBS Chips trap moisture?
A  The shape and size of the RBS Chip prevents moisture from condensing on the product thereby eliminating this problem.  Moisture can freely pass through RBS Chips thereby eliminating problems associated with trapping or condensing moisture.

Q Why do RBS Chips cost so much?
A  We are using over ten times the amount of product of other companies using only a single sheet of RBS in the attic.   This is also what allows us to offer a lifetime performance warranty.  Be sure and ask the supplier or sales person what (if any), performance warranty is offered before  you purchase any RBS product.  Sheet RBS has many viable  applications but the attic is not one of them.

If you have any questions not addressed here or would like to contact us for answers regarding a specific application, please contact our Phoenix office at: 602-867-3176
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What does it cost to buy radiant barrier chips?  RBS Chips don't cost, they pay.  Pay in comfort and pay by reducing your energy costs...all year, everyday, forever.  
This investment is $250 per 20lb box (1/2 boxes available). which includes shipping UPS ground to your front door..  One 20lb box measures 10" square and covers between 350 and  400 square feet of attic area over blown cellulose or prepared attic space.  How many pounds do I need?  Figure 22 square feet per pound.  For a 2000 square foot attic: 2000 divided by 22 is:  90.9 so close to a hundred pounds or 5 20lb boxes. 
RBS Chips are not designed to be used in walls.  For wall applications, use our latest product, "Thermal Control Membrane".  Click here for more information on this product.
The sooner your install it, the more you save!
 Makes your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
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Each box of  RBS Chips  covers  between 400 and 450 square feet of attic area depending on how level the top of your existing attic insulation is.

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