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Wiring of the German Fan



Step by step wiring instructions for the German fan.  

Tools required in the attic:

CAUTION/Disclaimer:  When doing any kind of wiring be sure to disconnect the power source before making any connections.  If you are not confident doing this kind of work have an experience electrician install this item. 

Step 1: Mount the juction box up near the peak of the roof using a hammer


Remove the thermostat from the junction box

Bring in the power supply (shown here is the white 14ga Romex.  Strip the white and black leads.  Notice the black wire (power wire), is already connected from the thermostat to the fan.  You need only to connect the black wire from the Romex 115volt power supply to the red wire on the thermostat. 

Complete:  Black from your power supply to red, white to white (common wire), and the bare green (ground) wire are now connected.

Push the connected wires into the junction box

Secure the thermostat to the junction box, add the plastic cover and knob.  This job is not yet complete as the area around the fan has yet to be blocked off using sheet metal, wood or cardboard.   Secure with screws, not staples or silicone. 

Set the thermostat at 105F or so it shuts off an hour after the sun goes down.





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