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energy conservatio 

     If you are considering a new  heat pump or A/C unit contact not just a HVAC company but a company with 34
years of experience in HVAC, solar, energy conservation, attic venting, insulation and radiant barrier products.
Click here for a recent testimonial from a customer who had a home that could not get below 81F during the
summer months using 7 tons of cooling even with the units running non stop.  We removed 7 tons of cooling
and re-installed a total of 5.5 tons of cooling. 
We installed two new Rheem condensing units, Thermal Control Membrane in the attic, wrapped all flex ducts
with TCM Duct Wrap, installed an efficient German attic fan, sealed any ducts leaks and installed a load controller.
This NRG Package was installed in March and by the following December APS owed them over $1,000! 


Rather than go into detail here and give away 34 years of experience and proprietary product applications
to our "competition" (we really don't have any competition), give us a call for a no cost in home energy consultation.
Call our office at 602 867 3176 to schedule your free energy audit today!  

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