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TCM Tile Underlayment Roof and Thermal Protection:
For the ultimate "Cool Roof" there is now available a new and innovative thermal protection membrane for tile roofs
called "Space Quilt for Roofs" This product is comprised of several layers of patented membranes and reinforcement
scrim which rejects over 95% of the radiant heat which previously heats up the roofing tiles, then the roof deck, then
the attic.   TCMTR not only increases comfort and significantly reduces energy costs, it virtually allows the bitumen
based tile underlayment to last forever since most of the heat changes direction before it gets to the black paper.  
Close up shot of the dried and brittle underlayment paper. This can happen in as little as ten years
on a South facing roof with dark tiles.
If you are considering changing the underlayment on your roof consider having a demonstration
done on your roof on your house under your tiles.  Using an infrared camera you can see the
heat reduction in real time. 
Less heat means your new underlayment will last virtually forever (doesn't get baked by the tiles
anymore), the attic is cooler, the HVAC ducts in the attic are more efficient, your unit will run less
and your home will be easier to cool and more comfortable.