Load Controller for Demand Rates


Simply put, a load controller is like a cruise control for your electric system. You set the level of savings, you reap the benefits.

How does a load controller work? A load controller is an outdoor computer that is installed next to your breaker panel and is connected to the 220v appliances like A/C units, clothes dryers, water heaters, electric spa heaters, etc.

This unit constantly measures the usage of power in your home and through load shedding and a pre-set control priority lowers your demand and thus your bill. As the demand increases, the load controller "sheds" (shuts off), lower priority appliances to maintain a user pre-set demand level. Dropping your demand 5kw = a $60 reduction per month. It's easy to calculate your savings based on these numbers (estimate based on a 1500 square foot, all electric home), larger homes have much larger savings.

Once the load controller is set up and after a few tweaks in timers for water heater run time and even room temperature settings, it's a "set it and forget it" piece of equipment.

We have been installing these devices in Phoenix since 1980 and many are still working and they are virtually maintenance free. Below is an example of the Pensar System 1000.

The digital read out shows demand set point, current demand use and other useful data. While the Pensar system is no longer supported we now carry other brands that can suit your needs.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you reduce your peak demand.

Current transformers on main buss bars measure power use.


Battery Storage Systems


Sonnen Battery Storage

Manufactured in Germany and tested on over 10,000 homes, power storage becomes a viable option with a load controller. You can store inexpensive, off peak power then draw off of it during the expensive on peak times. Click here for more information.



Dorothy Marzella in Scottsdale has a four bedroom ranch with a pool and has saved $16,000 in twelve years on her APS bill!


Although this figure is on the high end of most of our customers, you can expect a 10% to 20% drop in your monthly bill with little or no change in lifestyle, many save as much as 30%.

"I purchased a home in Scottsdale over three years ago; 3500 Sq ft with two 5-ton A/C units, two water heaters, pool, etc. A beautiful home with an enormous electric bill. We are on the APS Combined Advantage Rate. We were paying 330/month on the average plan (even with programmable thermostats) with the actual peak summer bill exceeding $400.

Two years ago you installed the load controller. On the averaging plan our monthly bill is now $154 and our highest single monthly bill has been $225 over the the past two years. A savings of $4200 in just two years. The load controller has been well worth the investment. I just wanted to thank you and let everyone know the savings are real."

JW Flint.