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A message from Brad Lindsay, CEO Horizon Energy Systems:
Horizon Energy Systems is the only company that can offer you a total "systems" approach to your energy conservation needs, hence our name coined in 1978.  How many times have wondered who to call?  The information is overwhelming and most times contradictory.   An A/C company wants to sell you a new unit with tax incentives, same with insulation, window replacements, a load controller, a Kvar unit or spray silver paint in your attic.   Please use our site as a source of information gained from testing and 32 years of field experience and knowledge in all climates.

Using an infrared camera, proprietary products were created to address the movement of heat into or out of our buildings which far exceed conventional building thermal products.  But before quality products can be installed, the home must be looked at as a system looking at all facets of energy use like:
Tightness of building envelope (blower door testing)
               Heat gain/heat loss (infrared scan of all surfaces)
               System performance (HVAC evaluation)
               Duct leakage (flow hood testing and/or blower door test)
               Lighting (tubular skylights)
               Domestic hot water (solar hot water systems)
               Peak demand (installation and programming of a load controller)
               Window heat gain (Huber Optix window treatment/window replacement)
               Block walls (Outsulation products for exterior radiant barrier system)
               Duct losses (we manufacture a product just for this, our latest product)

Your home is inspected by a state certified and BPI certified inspector who will outline a concise, proven plan of procedure, the associated costs and benefits and list the incentives.  Typical savings range from 25% to over 50% reductions and A/C units that will last twice as long because they run half as much.

For our do it yourself customers, visit our online energy store
for a collection of the most efficient home insulation products in the world;
All have a lifetime performance warranty.
 Thermal Control Membrane (TCM).
This patented new product was chosen for
ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition project in Pinion Arizona.
As we head into a national energy crisis and soon to be heard increases of oil prices due to legislation penned for the BP oil spill, count on us to bring to the market new and innovative ideas for saving energy, making you more comfortable, keeping your taxable income in your family budget and making the planet a better place to live.  Take some time to visit our site.  Remember to bookmark the main page. . . I have a feeling you will want to come back.
Enjoy your visit!

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