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Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Several years ago we were involved in the popular ABC production of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" in Pinion Arizona.  Below are the areas we were assisted:
  • Building Envelope Insulation: Thermal Control Membrane
  • Attic Thermal Protection:  TCM
  • Crawlspace Insulation: Thermal Control Membrane
  • Solar Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating: Assisted in the original designs
  • Solar Electric: Photovoltaic panel and tracking assembly
  • Solar Daylighting: Installed five ubular skylights

The Yazzi family home being destroyed by a loader
Part of our crew who helped with the photo voltaic solar system, one of three.
Shown here is a Zomeworks tracker which uses the heat from the sun to track it.
The hot air panel built by Garret Yazzi at age 13
to heat the original trailer with heat from the sun.
Construction went 24/7 until finished 140 hours later
The entire project was wrapped Thermal Control Membrane
around the perimiter and below the floor in the crawlspace.
A night shot of Thermal Control Membrane installed on the project. 
This wrap will keep heat out during the summer and heat in during the winter. 
One of three Zomeworks trackers standing ready to provide 6kw of solar power
One bank of two panels used to heat water for domestic hot water and heat
The heat exchanger being installed in the 2000 gallon water tank. 
Solar manifold piping for domestic hot water and space heating
One of two solar hot air heaters
The intake and supply for the hot air heater look like this on the inside walls
Pure spectrum light fills the kitchen and bath with sunlight provided by tubular skylights
manufactured by Natural Light Inc.  Click here to visit their web site,
Tubular skylights bring in pure spectrum light without the heat of a light bulb.
The rest of the home has highly efficient LED lights provided by Alter Air Corporation
Finished project 10/07

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