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Roof Vents That Work  

Pop vents, ridge vents, dormer vents, gable vents...what really works? 

Since we cannot "see" the movement of air it's important to understand how it moves.  Fluid dynamics and physics dictate how enters and exits a hot attic.  Many attic venting products fall short of this goal and some defy gravity, logic and physics.  The easiest way for the layman to understand how air moves out of your attic is to imagine your house is flipped upside down and the attic is full of water.  How well would it flow out?  Like one of those two gallon water bottles with the valve in the bottom recall what happens when you don't pop a small hole to let air in...water does not come out.  Same with attic venting.  Fluid dynamics and the physics behind convective movement driven by the hotter, lighter and more buoyant superheated attic air dictate there must be inlet air in order for the hot exhaust air to escape.  Many home owners (especially here in Phoenix), add whirlybirds across the top of the roof to allow the hot air to escape.  This is a futile effort unless there is an equal amount of openings in the soffit to replace the air that exits from the peak of the roof.  While I feel Aura vents are the best exhaust vent available, they are of little benefit unless an equal amount of attention (and square area), is directed at the soffit for intake air.

Acting like a chimney on a hot day, hot air rises up and out.  With wind, even faster.

Consider the benefits:

  10" Aura Vent                          

 12" Aura Vent 

 14" Aura Vent    

 16" Aura Vent 

 18" Aura Vent   


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