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Radiant Barrier Outsulation Project

Turn your inefficient block home into a comfortable energy efficient home!

We have found a way to turn inefficient, stuffy block homes into comfortable, energy efficient homes using our patented radiant barrier systems.

Many block homes were built without regard to cost for cooling since energy was inexpensive and affordable.  Well, that sure has changed and so has your monthly commitment to your electric company.  The secret is keeping the infrared heat of the sun from penetrating your walls via conduction and convection.  One method is to plant trees and wait 15 years for them to mature.  What you would have spent on watering trees in this time you could have installed our outsulation system and saved thousands of dollars and lived in very comfortable home.

While RBS is not a new product (patents date back to 1936), there has been substantial interest with regard to placement, performance and design. It is important to understand how radiant barrier works before we go on. If you need an explanation, click here.

Radiant barrier works by changing the direction of heat. By comparison, conventional insulation products simply slow down conductive and convective heat flow. By placing a quality RBS on the exterior of an existing block home, energy consuming radiant heat can be reflected back out through the wall system taking energy consuming conductive and convective heat with it.

The bonus is being able to redesign the look of your home with the easy to work with stucco foam used in this process (see below).  You can add pop-outs around windows and doors, turn posts into arches...it's only limited by your imagination.  If you don't have any ideas, forward a picture to us and we can suggest some architectural upgrades.  See one of our before/after jobs below:

Does your home look like this? Cold in the winter, stuffy in the summer? High energy bills? Keep reading....

This is a solid block home built in the '50s when energy was cheap

Step One:

Wrap the home in EcoGuard Radiant Barrier Wrap and create an air space with wood strips 16" on center as shown below:

EcoGuard Radiant Barrier Wrap on the walls. At 12 cents per square foot you can have the world's most efficient insulation product wrapped around your home. We recommend two layers on walls that get direct sunlight.  More pictures click here.

Step Two:

Stucco over the foam and finish with colored stucco...no more painting or maintenance! The finished product. Notice the arches where the 6" wooden posts used to be.

Step Three:

Install our patented Thermal Control Membrane   in the attic.


What was once an uncomfortable, inefficient block home is now comfortable all year, consumes less than half of the energy once needed, looks like a new home and is far more comfortable! We call it "NRG Arttm ". We can supply you with detailed plans, product and testimonials.

Now for the real bonus: With the advent of time of use rates offered by APS and SRP you can consume most of the energy needed for comfort during the low cost off peak hours and "coast" through the expensive on peak hours.  This is not possible using conventional insulation products. This home has been proven to outperform all other types of building construction known to date. If you need proof click here

To find out how you can obtain detailed plans on this exciting upgrade, drop us your name via email or just call. We will guide you through every step of the upgrade and can supply you with the products and tools needed to do the job right...the first time.

Questions? Call us! 602-867-3176

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