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Energy Conservation Starts With Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier Wrap

The applications are limited only by your imagination

NEWS FLASH!!!  Announcing our latest patented product:  Thermal Control Membrane©
THE ultimate radiant barrier system.  DO NOT building your new project without investigating this product!

What would it be like to live inside  a thermos bottle?  
    Hot or cold outside the inside stays comfortable and easy to heat and cool using a fraction of the energy as conventional building products.
        Find out for yourself, order a sample bag of 500 square feet and play with it.  If it doesn't surprise you with it's performance, send it back for a full refund.  (To date we have never refunded a single order!)
            Garage doors, ductwork, crawl spaces, vehicles, walls, camping, solar ovens, keeping sunlight out while on vacation, dog houses, chicken coops, vans, trucks, cars, patio covers, here's a good one:  wrap your cooler in RBS Wrap and your ice will last all day.  The uses for this lightweight, high performance film is only limited by your imagination.  If you are building a new home or addition, RBS Wrap should be first on your list.


What is RBS?

Radiant Barrier System is two reflective surfaces facing each other with an airspace between them.  This is very critical to performance.   Although RBS Wrap is metalized on both sides, it needs to be doubled so there are two layers to gain optimum thermal performance.  Unlike conventional insulation which resists (R-Factor), heat flow, RBS (correctly installed), changes the direction of heat.  Our patented RBS Wrap is a tough, highly reflective film that effectively accomplishes this.  RBS Wrap is coated on both sides which makes it more effective and easier to install.
RBS Wrap comes in 500 square feet pieces 4' wide by 125' long.  Custom lengths & widths no problem.  Bundles are used instead of rolls to facilitate installation in tight areas. 

NEWS FLASH!!!  Announcing our latest patented product:  Thermal Control Membrane©
THE ultimate radiant barrier system.  DO NOT building your new project without investigating this product.


Some examples of RBS you see everyday

Order our 500 square foot sample with shipping included.
Find out for yourself.  If not satisfied,
we will buy it back from you. 

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RBS is not a new product, it has been around for decades.  In Singapore radiant barrier is code and must be installed in all new buildings and additions.   Control infrared heat and you effectively control energy consuming conductive and convective heat movement into or out of a building, cars, boats, planes, trains.   Dog houses.  Your house.

Hot Climate Block Wall Application
All RBS must be installed with an airspace on one side or the other of the RBS to limit conduction.  On block walls use 1/2" strips (see picture below).  On frame walls use 1/4" strips.  Cold climates: RBS Wrap to be installed just behind the sheet rock.  Vapor barrier and radiant barrier in one product.

Block Walls click here

RBS Wrap on a block home (note firring strips between RBS and foam)

RBS Wrap on a frame home...again, firring strips are important.


  Using the wall system above and Radiant Barrier Chips in the attic with proper attic venting will require
 reducing the HVAC system sizing by  least 35% or the units will short cycle. 



1/4" Redwood firring strips being installed on home exterior

Firring strip corner detail

Stucco foam being applied over firring strips on home exterior.  High performance, unbelievable comfort and lower bills.  In fact, using RBS Wrap like this and RBS Chips in the attic force a reduction in HVAC sizing by at least 35% and up to 50%.   Desert homes go all day without air conditioning thereby avoiding higher on peak costs.  Cooling is done only during less expensive off peak hrs.  Now that's insulation.
Patio Use
RBS Wrap can be used effectively to make a patio or any structure in the sun more comfortable.  Here you see it placed under a tin roof over a patio that was so hot it could not be enjoyed during the summer.  RBS Wrap can easily be  applied using silicone as an adhesive.


Once RBS Wrap was installed, the patio area was useable, comfortable and will stay that way forever. 
We were recently informed that this patio was enclosed and is now a part of the home and air conditioned.   There is no fibrous insulation in this addition, only RBS Wrap with no noticeable increase
in the electric bill.

Duct Wrap
Wrapping ductwork in the attic or basement keeps the air you pay dearly to heat and cool from losing or picking up heat along the way.


Wrap your heating and cooling ducts with RBS Wrap and cut losses by a documented 50%.  Easy to install, four feet wide widths, just roll it out over the duct and tuck underneath.  

Water Tank Wrap
(Only for electric hot water tanks).

Keeps your water hot longer while using less electricity

This is the most efficient Habitat for Humanity house ever built.  RBS Wrap was installed on every exterior wall with RBS Chips in the attic over a R-19 blown cellulose insulation.

Garage Doors
RBS Wrap on the back of a hot garage door lowers garage summer temps by 20 degrees, make the house easier to cool and refrigerators or freezers run more efficiently.  Keeps heat in during the winter if you are heating your garage or workshop.  One bag of RBS Wrap with 500 square feet of product is sufficient to do your garage door, electric water heater (we do not recommend wrapping gas water heaters with any type of insulation product due to the potential of obstructing the air inlet to the burner), and your car's headliner.  

   RBS Wrap can be installed on wooden or steel garage doors.  Staple or use a tube of silicone as an adhesive.
  Lasts forever and makes an immediate difference.

Order our 500 square foot sample with shipping included.
Find out for yourself.  If not satisfied,
we will buy it back from you. 
Click here

radiant barrier
Do not install RBS like this! Single layer RBS cannot be
installed like this as dust will collect on the top surface and negate the performance in short time.  The RBS you see here was once very reflective.  You can see where the flash bounced off vertical surfaces but not off the horizontal surfaces.  Either can infrared heat.  This TX installation has lost much of the potential for reflecting heat from dust in just two years.


If you have an attic with trusses, consider installing our RBS Chips.  If you have an open attic (older home or homes in Texas), which is framed conventionally, then our Thermal Control Membrane would be best.

Stapling RBS up to your rafters will not give you the performance you are looking for and may void the warranty on shingle roofs.  Check with the manufacturer of your roofing material.
To see a test of the best placement for radiant barrier click here

Reflective radiant barriers should not be laid down flat in your attic.  Dust will collect on the top surface if installed like this and the RBS will lose performance in just a few years.  This has been documented by many independent laboratories as an INCORRECT PLACEMENT.  Our patented RBS Chips are better suited for attic insulation.

Other Applications: 

  • Sheds/outbuildings steel buildings: Protects and increases comfort
  • Farm uses: Poultry, beef and horse buildings are more comfortable increasing production, reducing watering schedules.
  • Vehicles: Place Radiant Wrap above your headliner and feel instant comfort!
  • Duct wrap
  • Outdoor pet houses
  • Outdoor work areas
  • Vehicles
  • Aircraft protection (protects from heat and UV)
  • Garages attics
  • Garage doors
  • Many uses for camping or emergency shelter
    Industrial uses: High temperature manufacturing processes, furnaces, ice production, any application which requires limiting the flow of heat is a candidate for Radiant Wrap.

    NEWS FLASH!!!  Announcing our latest patented product:  Thermal Control Membrane©
    THE ultimate radiant barrier system.  DO NOT building your new project without investigating this product.


    How does Radiant Wrap Work?

    Radiant energy is emitted from a source (the sun for example) which travels in a straight line until it is absorbed (by our homes). When a highly reflective surface is placed in the path of radiant heat, the electromagnetic wave of radiant heat is effectively "bounced" away from the intended target (the walls and ceilings of our homes). When this occurs, energy consuming conductive and convective heat forces are significantly reduced. A more detailed explanation of basic heat movement and how radiant barriers work can be found here.


    RBS on exterior of new frame home

    Don't build your new home or addition without it!
    Contact us for details on how to properly install RBS
    for your application.  Free consultation.

      RBS Wrap on existing home (note firring strips)

    This is one of our "outsulation" projects which has cut this homes energy consumption by 30%! The owner of this home has tried for years to make the south side bedrooms comfortable without success. More insulation in the attic did not help, shade screens helped somewhat, but the reflective properties of Radiant Wrap now make the bedrooms the easiest to cool.

    Performance Warranty

    All radiant barrier products manufactured by Horizon Energy Systems carry an unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products or the performance, simply send it back to us for a full refund.  We purchase in large quantities and pass the savings on to our customers.   You can spend more but you can't get a higher performing product anywhere at any price.   This is easily proved by comparing samples from different companies side by side.  To order a free sample click here.

    If your new home is in the planning stage, we can offer suggestions on how to build energy efficiency into your new home. If your home is the framing stage, you still have time to install the most efficient product in the walls and attic.  We also offer new home plan reviews.  




    NEWS FLASH!!!  Announcing our latest patented product:  Thermal Control Membrane©
    THE ultimate radiant barrier system.  DO NOT building your new project without investigating this product.


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