TCM in Black

This is one of our lastest products in our growing Thermal Control Membrane line of products.
Shown here is a flat black finished bottom surface specifiied by many commercial interior
designers and  architects.  Not only does it mee the requirments for appearences, there is no
commecial deck insulation that outperforms Thermal Control Membrane.  Changes the direction
of infrared heat from the hot deck during the summer and works like a Thermos bottle keeping
heat in during the winter.  (also available in white).  Both colors are reinforced so after being
stapled up it won't degrade and fall off like many others. 

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TCM Tile Underlayment

Our outdated building codes need to address this stored heat problem when using insulation in a hot sunny climate. Insulation is designed to keep heat in, not heat out. Do you wear a sweater in August outside to keep cool?

Once a house has been built, the only way to prevent this heat storage is to install our Thermal Control Membrane product above the ceiling. In colder climates, where keeping heat in is desired, blowing our RBS Chips on top of the existing insulation is recommended. Effective and reliable attic venting can be accomplished by an efficient German attic fan.

This is a standard connection between an attic mounted air handler and the coil box. 
Obviously not very efficient and brings in dust and pollutants in the attic right in the
supply air going into the house.  Is your home always dusty?  An hour after you dust?
Look here first. 

This video depicts a single layer radiant attic foil product installed after only a few months. 
Radiant barriers work by reflecting infrared heat and also by having the ability to offer a
very low emitance (root word "emit"), of infrared heat which is measured by the term "emissivity".
This is where the term "Low E Glass" came from, it has a low emissivity and thus keeps
infrared heat from moving in or out.  Once attic foil gets covered in dust, how is it supposed to
reflect anything?  Always make sure before buying any radiant barrier that it has a factory (or
supplier), backed performace warranty. It's a lot of money and effort to do it right the second

This is very typical of what we find during our NRG Audits with regard to how heat pumps are
typically installed in hot climates.  Not much attention is given to duct leaks which put the house
into either a positive or negative pressure.  We only install our new heat pumps on a roof in this
climate is in a downdraft configuration.

This homeowner had several complaints after moving into this used home: The APS
bills were too high, the house was hard to cool and when the next door neighbors were
having a barbque, it smelled like it was inside the house.  A quick check on the roof
revealed some startling discoveries.  All problems solved with a few screws and a
tube of 25 year silcone in the right places.

A new Rheem heat pump installed in Scottsdale AZ.  Listen how quiet it runs.  Rheem has a
long history of making really quality, reliable equipment.  This home was also hard to cool and
had a 4 ton Carrier system installed.  We took out the 4 ton, installed a 3.5 ton and our innovative
attic insulation called Thermal Control Membrane (TCM).  TCM is so effective that after installing
it in the attic of this home, the 4 ton unit which ran non stop on blazing summer days and could not
provide comfort is now being cooled by a smaller heat pump that is off more than it's on. 
Contact us for a free NRG Audit and we can show you how to save without breaking the bank.

Duct leaks on steel ducting which was leaking for 35 years.

Downdraft installation is far superior to using and elbow on the roof for ducting.

One of our latest innovative products is our new TCM Roof Underlayment system.

Infrared imaging of TCM Diamondback Wall System.

200 Watt solar powered attic fan.  This fan really works!

"Adding more attic insulation made our home harder to cool"

TCM Roof Underlayment System, stop heat before it gets to the roof!

How much can you save using our patented products, means and methods?
Here is the result of nine months of savings for a Phoenix homeowner.

TCM/6 48" wide installed in a bakery on Oahu

How TCM/6 is installed.  This is the correct placement of a radiant barrier.

How long has radiant barrier been recognized as the best way to keep a building efficient?
Buckminster Fuller used foil in his 1947 "House of the Future"

Smoke testing of ridge vents, dormer vents and Aura Vents

Gable mounted solar attic fan doing nothing but wasting time and money.
With the opening next to the fan there will very little air actually being
removed from the attic space.  The opening next to the fan needs to be
blocked off.

This is a major source of duct leaks even on new equipment.

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